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Information about the In-Person Athletic Seasons can be found in the update below and at the links here:
BCPS Screening Procedure for Covid-19
BCPS COVID Reporting Process - Student Athletes
New! BCPS Spring Return-to-Play Guidelines

This update covers the following topics in the following order:

1. Registration & Physical Exam (required for all Athletic programs)

2. “Competitive,” In-Person Athletics (eligibility rules apply)

3. BCPS COVID Reporting Process - Student Athletes

4. Ticketing & Spectators for Games

1. Registration and Physical Exam

All students participating in athletics need to register and complete a physical exam, regardless of whether they are participating virtually or in-person. All registration of BCPS interscholastic athletics is hosted by Form Releaf. 

Coming Soon - Information about the Fall 2021 Season

The specific page for Franklin High School registrations can be found here:


The Physical Exam forms which are still required, are now slightly different.  The new form includes an addition COVID-19 page, which must be completed for all physical exams dated after July 8th, 2020.

The updated form can be found by clicking on the following link:


As always, a completed physical exam that is on file, is good for one calendar year.  There is not a need to complete the new COVID-19 portion for that reason alone, if you have a valid physical on file prior to the date above.  However, all forms submitted after 7/8/20 should include that final page in addition to the rest of the form.

2. “Competitive” Season (In-Person, Eligibility Protocols Apply)
Participation Eligibility

With the start of in-person athletics, standard eligibility protocols will be followed. That will mean that second quarter report cards will impact eligibility. For students to be eligible to participate in interscholastic athletics, the quarter grades that are received prior to the start of that season must demonstrate a minimum GPA of 2.0 (unweighted) and no more than one ‘E’. A student who does not meet either of those standards, or both, shall be ineligible until the next sport season, given that there is an opportunity with another quarter grade to re-establish eligibility.

More details about scope and sequence of seasons, schedules, equipment distribution, etc. will follow.

Pre-Participation Physical: All student-athletes must have a valid physical on file. A paper copy must be submitted to Athletic Director Jim Book via main office mailbox or via email at jbook@bcps.org. This form is available on the school website and can also be sent via email by contacting Mr. Book. Physicals are valid for 12 months from the date of the exam. Also available here:


**No spectators for practice.  Any parent or guardian who wishes to remain on campus MUST stay in their vehicle and relocate to student parking lot (by Reisterstown Rd).  Otherwise, transportation should plan to drop-off, leave, and return 5 minutes prior to the end of the scheduled practice. Student-athletes must leave campus at the conclusion of practice.  If they are unable to do so, they will not participate in the program.

***Stress bathroom use before and after practice at home.  We have spot-a-pot restrooms for outside athletes. A coach will have to escort players and ensure capacity compliance for restroom use during practices.  Cheerleading will use designated bathroom in South Building. 

3. BCPS COVID Reporting Process - Student Athletes
Click here to access the BCPS COVID Reporting Process Document 

When a student athlete reports having COVID illness and/or having been exposed to COVID outside of the school, the following steps should be taken in this order:
1. The Coach should advise the student to stay/go home.
2. The Coach should notify the Athletic Director immediately.
3. If the report is received while a practice or game is occurring or about to occur, the practice or game may continue. In all other cases, the team should revert to virtual practice until the case has been investigated by nursing. The team should NOT be told that there is or is not a case of COVID.
4. Within 1 hour of receiving the report, the Athletic Director should notify the school nurse by phone and/or email of the name of the student and the nature of concern (COVID illness or exposure). If the report is received after staff duty hours or a weekday or on a weekend, the Athletic Director should email the nurse and copy OHSCOVID@bcps.org
5. The Athletic Director should alert the principal that the situation has been reported to health services and is being investigated.
6. The school nurse (after hours/weekends, a nurse from Health Services) will contact the impacted student and parent/guardian by phone that day. Reports received after 6 pm will be contacted the next day.
7. The investigating nurse will determine whether quarantine or isolation is needed. In addition, the nurse will determine if there were any close contacts at school. All close contacts will receive phone contact from a nurse and placed on quarantine that same day. Oftentimes, the coach and/or athletic director may be consulted to assist with the determination and identification of close contacts.
8. Upon completion of the investigation, the nurse will notify the Athletic Director and Principal including the results including: a) Name of student (case or close contact) and the timeline for the student to return to school/play b) Name(s) of any close contacts from school or athletics and timeline for their return to school/play c) Any additional precautions needed (such as cleaning.)
9. If the student was potentially infectious while at school, the Office of Health Services will provide the principal with a community notice to issue to all persons who were at the school/event during the time the person was potentially infectious.
NOTE: If the case/exposure is for an adult member of the coaching staff, the report should be sent to OHSCOVID@bcps.org. For cases/reports from staff, all other steps remain the same but the investigation is always led by the Office of Health Services, not school nurses. Throughout this process, confidentiality will be maintained. No persons without a need to know will be given health information. Persons receiving health information may not share it with any other person, unless directed to do so by the investigating nurse.

4. Ticketing & Spectators

If you are looking to purchase tickets for a home sporting event at Franklin, please use the following link: https://spicket.events/franklin If you are looking to purchase tickets for an away game, please go to the BCPS link and find the game you wish to attend:  https://spicket.events/bcps

Additionally, here is a link that may help you with the process:

Video: Buying Tickets & Checking In: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7UdW5MfsISg

As a reminder, each athlete can have up to three spectators. 

Please contact Jim Book, Athletic Director, at jbook@bcps.org  with any questions. Updates will be posted as they become available.

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